Become An Active Growing Church

Empower Your Members  •  Engage Your Community  •  Implement  Promotion Tools  •  Grow Your Church

Does Your Church Struggle With Growth?

Do you have a plan for ongoing evangelism?

Do you have an active Discipleship program?

Do you know how to use technology for growth?


Are your members actively witnessing?

Is your church active in your community?

Do you have a follow-up plan for visitors?

Your church shouldn’t have to wait for an evangelistic meeting to do evangelism.


Engage Evangelism Blueprint

Year-Round Evangelism Program

A full year evangelism action plan for your church. Help every member get involved with evangelism and reach your community with the love of Christ.

Membership Action Program

Leadership Enrichment and Development Plan

Engage Digital Tools

Small Group Leadership Resources

Outreach/Ministry Ideas & Programs

Engage Experience Online Learning

“Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

Call Us For Your Consultation

Give us a call for your consultation. If you want an active church with thriving members give us a call.

You Review The Church Engage System

You and your church can review the Engage 365 System to see if it will be a good fit for your needs.

We Learn About Your Church

We want to learn about your church and your vision for church growth and evangelism.

You Sign-Up and Launch Your System

Sign-up and we launch your system to help your church grow spiritually and physically.

Church Engage 365 Process

Here is the process for the Church Engage 365 System.

Setup Digital Tools

We work with you to set up your website, email system, social media, social wifi, and local SEO.

Develop Leadership

We help your leaders develop to lead an active growing church. 

Empower Members

Our system helps members become witnessing disciples who share God’s love in a 365 day ministry.

Engage Community

Discover ways for your church to engage with your community that becomes life changing.

Grow Your Church

When transformation happens in your members and in your community your church will grow.

Ready to Engage?

Are you ready to increase your outreach opportunities and evangelism efforts in your church or school?