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Engage 365 Evangelism Blueprint

Our Engage 365 Evangelism Blueprint is our churches guide to build a year round evangelism program where every member understands their opportunity to be involved with evangelism and your community knows exactly who you are.

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Member Action Plan


The Church Engage 365  Year-Round Evangelism Blueprint starts with a preparation program for members called the Members Action Plan (MAP).

Help each member explore their purpose

Create a culture of love

Members learn active discipleship

Members gets to know and understand each other

Help bridge gaps of the 5 generations in church


Members learn witnessing and inviting skills

Promotes youth and young adult involvement

Members Get Full Access To

Leadership Enrichment And  Development Plan


Our Leadership Enrichment and Development Plan (LEAD) is designed to help church leaders become stronger more focused leaders in the church.

Developmental Leadership Training

Evangelism Leadership Teams


Outreach Focus

Team Building

Leadership Evaluations

Location Based Demographics Reports

Members Get Full Access To

Ministry Resources

We want to make sure you have the resources needed to grow your church. As a part of the Engage 365 platform, we have many resources to help you reach out to be a light in your community.

Small Groups Resources/Training

Ministry Ideas & Programs


Digital Church Forms

Custom Design and Printing

Additional Online Resources