New Believers Journey


Helping Churches Engage Non-Believers

Reaching The Lost

Communication is vital in all areas of relationship and it’s no different in church. In our churches we need to make sure everyone knows what’s going on at church each month. We also need to follow-up with visitors who come through our doors each week and make sure they feel welcome to come back again. Our engage email will help churches do all that and more. Take a look at the various features that our system bring to your church.

New Believer Journey

1. Aware

A person gets an invite card from member, sees a FB or other ads or hears about church via referral.

3. Subscribe

They sign up for small group study, workshop, event, or sermon series.

2. Engage

Through engagement the person signs up for something online, a newsletter, blog, workshop, program, or downloadable asset or signs connection card at church.

4. Convert

Now they actually attend something at your church like an event, sermon, workshop, small group, webinar or program.

5. Excite

They get value from the interaction with your members and excitement over the changed lives they see. They continue to engage with your worship service, small group study, or other programs.

7. Advocate

New believers who have given their lives to Christ and non-believers who have positive and life changing experiences share their testimony. They advocate for your church and the programs that have effected them in powerful ways.

6. Ascend

The desire to change their own lives grows in them. So regular altar calls and opportunities to give their life to Christ or for baptism should be a part of the program. Rejoice over baptisms and conversions.

8. Promote

Successful new believer tell friends and family about your church and your programs.






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